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I have spent the past 11+ years working my way up as a professional recruiter, small business marketer and manager focused on interviewing businesses, managers, owners and potential new hires to identify the right fit for their organization and how to help take them to the next level.  I have a strong focus on strategic team and organizational development and an “out of the box” approach.

My background is in sales, business development and management; I am a solutions architect and problem solver and right now… I am redefining my career path.

Why? By choice.  I resigned from an incredible and growing career and relocated to Asheville, NC with a stop in Charlotte along the way and what I have found is that this is my time to help you (and I) REVISE our American Dream because life surely has changed.  Even in a time when unemployment is well over 12% as a published number, calculated risk takers will succeed.


Danielle Vaeth (Powers) has over 11 years recruiting experience as well as extensive managerial, training, marketing, organizational development and sales/sales training. She has received her Bachelor’s Degree from State University of New York at Brockport and has a background in staffing and recruiting and client development.

Danielle has experience in client management and development, staffing and recruiting for businesses of 5 – 5,000 employees from Fortune 100 companies to high demand start ups while complying with local, State and Federal regulatory requirements. Most recently she helped to launch a start up group of medical specialty clinics in the southeast from soup to nuts, recruiting, OD, marketing, development and training. Danielle brings innovation, urgency, passion and integrity to all that she does. She wants you to succeed!

A recent board member of NHRA (National Human Resource Association), 2009 Recipient of RWN Up&Coming Business Woman Award, and a constant networker, Danielle has incredible incredible talent! She has access to those difficult to find, passive candidates, incredible sales techniques and training and a impeccable training and development skills to retain and cultivate your talent. She has the ability to look at your mission and vision, how you reach and retain customers and expand your capabilities, quickly and effectively.

She is a problem solver!

The best part? Danielle will envelop your business and take on your passion as if it were her own and this is something you just can’t teach!

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  2. Great site! Awesome background. Congrats on all your success.
    Please send me your phone #


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