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These were taken off of the LinkedIn page however it is important to post them here. The neat thing about LinkedIn is it gives those people who are writing recommendations the opportunity to select “Top Qualities” so we take the time to point out that one of the “Top Qualities” of Danielle is High Integrity; we hope you find this to be true!

Marketing & Recruitment Manager Focus MD & MDMS:

“Danielle is an outstanding physician recruiter. She has been an active member of our team and has gone beyond her job description to aid our organization. I highly recommend her!”November 6, 2012

Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Tom Humphries
hired Danielle as a Recruiter in 2011

Director of Service  CORESTAFF Services:

“Danielle is a managers dream, an effective communicator, not just with senior management but where it counts with her staff and clients. She took over one of my largest and most profitable branches that was experiencing some growing pains, In a short period of time she won over a very tenured staff, was able to assess the challenges and guide her team to increase productivity and branch moral.

I highly recommend Danielle, a true professional that is hardworking, articulate at the same time has a very warm personality, down to earth and able to build relationships with clients and employees.”November 7, 2012

Tom Gibson, Vice President/General Manager Southern Region, CORESTAFF Services
managed Danielle indirectly at CORESTAFF Services

“Danielle is an extremely bright, energetic, hard working and intelligent person! In my 30+ years in sales and management I have not worked with a more professional “get it done” person.

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I recommend Danielle.”November 6, 2012

Hope Prevette, Account Manager, CORESTAFF Services
worked directly with Danielle at CORESTAFF Services

General Manager The Employment Store:

“I had the opportunity to manage Danielle for several years. Danielle was outstanding employee and a valued addition to our team. I had the opportunity to watch Danielle interact with co-workers, customers, and business partners; she is one of the people that immediately build report with those around her.

Danielle was an outstanding sales and marketing person during her time with us. She built a strong and loyal customer base. She also managed both sales and services people in our organization. Finally, I was always pleased with her understanding of mentorship. Over the years Danielle worked with several young professionals in our organization and helped to shape their careers and build the professionalism of our team.” April 6, 2011

Brian Keenan, Vice President, The Employment Store
managed Danielle at The Employment Store

“Danielle is a true professional, admired by her coworkers, colleagues, peers and friends. She is loyal, honest, dependable and trustworthy. Even though her career has only just begun, she has already established solid relationships within the business community; her business partners can trust her to help solve problems. She is a good listener, and employs continuous “out-of-the-box thinking”, many times in very traditional environments.

Danielle feels fortunate that she is able to teach, mentor and speak on a regular basis through her professional networks and numerous community involvement activities. While she could be “working her desk”, Danielle volunteers her time to many organizations, including RochesterWorks and Action for a Better Community, that need assistance and representation from the business community.

She is bright, talented, creative and charming, and a shining example of the talent that this wonderful community can produce.”August 12, 2009

Claudia Burcke, Business Services Manager / Project Manager, RochesterWorks, Inc. / Finger Lakes Wired
was with another company when working with Danielle at The Employment Store

“I enlisted Danielle’s assistance recruiting for several positions and have been very pleased with her professionalism; results; customer service; industry knowledge; and personable approach. Danielle is always accessable, remains in contact both during a search and in-between assignments, and is a pleasure to work with. I recommend Danielle to any company that requires assistance recruiting new talent to their organization.”December 20, 2008

Top qualities:Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Frank Mandicott, HR Professional Preferred Care (Healthcare)
hired Danielle as a Recruiter in 2007, and hired Danielle more than once

Top qualities:Great Results, Expert, High IntegrityDecember 18, 2008

Joshua Volpe, Marketing & Creative Director, Techonology and VoIP startup Allworx
hired Danielle as a Recruiter in 2005, and hired Danielle more than once

“Danielle has always been a pleasure to work with. One of the things I particularly appreciate about her is that she really pays attention to what the need is — and that’s what she looks to deliver on. Danielle also keeps you in the loop — even if there’s nothing new to report, she’ll tell you so you don’t have to wonder or make the follow up call yourself.”December 18, 2008

Top qualities:Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Susan Conway, HR Director Bonadio Group, CPA and FInancial Services
hired Danielle as a Recruiter in 2003

“Danielle is an excellent business partner. She has worked hard to build a strong, successful working relationship between our companies. Danielle diligently works with her staff to provide us with the best possible, qualified candidates for our positions. Her communication and follow up are impeccable. The relationship has led to much success thanks to Danielle’s passion and drive. I highly recommend Danielle.”December 18, 2008

Jeffrey Clark, Risk Management Supervisor, Paychex
was a consultant or contractor to Danielle at The Employment Store

“Danielle is professional, but yet knows how to laugh, she takes her job seriously and she is just a pleasure to work with. Danielle is very well connected in the Rochester community, she has a sincere interest in helping people and companies succeed. She has gone out of her way to help me out with volunteering her time to participate in a few panel discussions in my SUNY Brockport Business classes. Danielle is a class act, you won’t be disappointed when working with her.”December 18, 2008

David Mandrycky, SPHR, Manager of Recruiting and Employee Relations, Insero & Company
was with another company when working with Danielle at The Employment Store

“Danielle is a wonderful Manager she recruits the professionals that go over and beyond for the programs they work on. Danielle has been always on top of our companies needs.”December 17, 2008

Top qualities:Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Sue Augustine, HR Operations
hired Danielle as a Outbound Call Center Recruiter in 2006, and hired Danielle more than once

“Danielle’s level of service is above average. Her flexibility to service the client is outstanding. Danielle is always our first choice when looking for alternative solutions for our business needs. I highly recommend Danielle not only as a HR service provider, but also as a an HR expert to have in your network.”December 17, 2008

Top qualities:Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

Lisa Yockel, Wegmans
hired Danielle as a Recruiter in 2005

“Danielle is a highly motivated, accomplished recruiter as well as a sharp, driven sales person! It is my absolute pleasure to work with her on a daily basis.”August 24, 2006

Cheryl Strong, Hr/Recruiter, The Employment Store
worked directly with Danielle at The Employment Store

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