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Build Integrity Business Solutions

Why Build Integrity?

 Build Integrity was created out of need. The need to help businesses and people get out of their own way. All while keeping the business values, culture, mission, vision and bottom line at the top of mind.

Why Build Integrity; because we work with people and businesses as a whole complete package; the Latin Integer.

Throughout our experience we have found so many businesses are great at their skill set, typically what they opened the business for, but can get lost in what they feel might be the minutia. Our goal is to allow business professionals, owners and entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best while we make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. Working in parallel, rather than marking items off of a check sheet, we can get you up to speed effectively and efficiently.  In business the “devil is in the details” and the minutia. We focus our work on the areas that may be overlooked or left for last:

  1. The People: What are the needs? Where are the gaps? What is the culture? Recruiting, Hiring, Training, Retaining, Reviewing & Cultivating to meet the needs of the business through The People
  2. The Marketing: Taking your message and broadcasting it in a format that makes sense for your industry. Looking at your competitors to identify gaps, looking at your customer base and meeting their needs. Emphasis on education, value and service.
  3. The Bottom Line = Your Top Line: Enhancing your current strategies and approach we want to increase profit margins and your top line sales growth.
  •  Getting to market more effectively/efficiently
  •  Process Improvement
  • Choosing strategic opportunities
  • Quicker turnaround
  • Increase collections and billings            

Don’t wait for your tail to be on fire when it comes to your business. We are small and nimble which means we meet people where they are both in their business and their budget. Feel free to call for a complimentary hour consultation and needs assessment.

Contact Danielle at build-integrity dot com

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