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The world of recruiting is an ever changing one. Many professionals have fallen in to this type of role however several have not received the type of exposure and training necessary to work with C level executives as clients and candidates to ensure a positive end result. Using my 11 years of recruitment and sales experience partnering with some of the best HR professionals constantly listening and self critiquing my work and those who have worked for me I feel it important to share my knowledge with recruitment teams.I have a no nonesense approach to my training and teaching style and after understanding the goals of your company and your department I will affect the following:

  • The way your recruiters approach a job order
  • The way candidates perceive your openings and your company
  • The way your managers view the value of the recruitment team
  • The speed in which your jobs are filled
  • The longevity and succession plan of future new hires

My recruitment process is extensive and is continuously being honed with the introduction of new search techniques, sources and changes in technology. The one thing that does not change is the base of my work and the strategy to getting to the end result: fulfilling the position with the best possible fit. Much of what I like to focus on in training a recruiter is on what I consider the elevated basics which I have outlined here:

  • Taking & Qualifying a Job Order
  • Re-defining a Job description
  • Working with a hiring manager
  • Questions to ask the hiring manager
  • Creating a timeline
  • Succession Plan & Key Selling points to the job
  • Boolean 102 Big Picture Job Board Searching
  • Research beyond the job boards
  • Pre-qualifying candidates
  • Creating an Interview Process
  • Behavioral/situational questions
  • Creating a Common Evaluation Method
  • Closing a manager and a candidate
  • Networking
  • Social Networking
  • Creating a presence in the community
  • Working a job fair/college fair (Virtual Job Fairs)
  • Creating & Managing the recruiters social media presence
I am also available on a limited basis for contract recruiting projects, acting as an extension of your current HR or Hiring Team.

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