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Leaves Change and So Can You

I am not an expert on change management but I do happen to believe people, teams and organizations can and do change (sometimes in directions we are not interested in). It could be the change of seasons, it could be the people who have been entering my life or where I am in my current state, I am sure it is a culmination of all 3, I have been writing of growth, change and expansion quite a bit lately.

There is a process to change and when you are in an organization where you are looking to create and motivate change that process should be more structured. Some initiatives you may be looking to change:

  • Mission changes
  • Strategic changes
  • Operational/Structural changes
  • Technological changes
  • Changing the attitudes and behaviors of personnel
Businesses, their plans and the people who support them and make them work are all living, breathing, moving parts therefore it could be assumed that as all living things change occurs. There are also times when we want to initiate change in order to move ourselves, our department, our business forward.
  • We first must review what is our current status and how has it changed and adapted to this point?
  • Why did “it” change in that particular way and what were the driving forces?
  • If we put a plan of action together to implement and manage change what are 1-2 core areas of focus?
  • Who are the leaders to promote this change?
  • What are the top 2-3 results we are looking for?
  • Create benchmarks to judge successes and stress points and be able to continue to ADAPT your plan to move towards desired results
Change is exciting and invigorating to some while for others it can literally freeze them or make them panic. Recognize that not all people react well to change if the plan is uncertain for them. You cannot always share the long term plan and each and every detail with your entire team or group but you can share the vision and direction and what or why you need this to be successful.

I relate it to when you go on a diet but you don’t tell anyone because you are the type of person who needs to  have success on your own and privately first. So you may share with your friends and your family over time that you are really just looking to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself rather than your goal of loosing 25 pounds.

Getting people on board and having support is important but who and how you incorporate different individuals will depend on what you are looking to change, your timeline and what the plan looks like. Like anything, it can be done, but the more invested you are in a plan or outline and setting goals and checking in with various benchmarks the more likely you will see your desired results and with less bumps in the road.

Your Phone Rings, It’s a Recruiter; Are You Prepared to Pass a Phone Screen? TIPS YOU CAN’T MISS

Whether your resume is out on one of the job boards or you have applied to a position directly your resume has your phone number on it. What this means is at any given moment in the day from 7am to 9pm you could be receiving a call regarding a potential job opportunity, but are you prepared?

This call is more than just a first impression, this is a phone screen for the person on the other end and whether or not they use the right approach does not matter at that very moment because time is money and they are trying to determine if you are potential candidate for the particular job they are sourcing for and that is it. It does not matter if it is a corporate recruiter or agency recruiter, both are guilty of trying to move very quickly to determining one thing, should we move forward on this person or not? I know it sounds harsh but they have a job to do, they have several different openings they are working on and are under the gun just like in any other job to move as efficiently and effectively as possible to get to the end result.

So how can you prepare?

  • Smile, they can hear it in your voice
  • Don’t be put off by lack of detail and not having all of the information of the job up front
  • Do be in a quiet area free from distractions. If you are not, ask if you can call them back in short order (meaning 10-15 minutes if possible)
  • Do leave a copy of your resume in a folder in your car. If you are out shopping or out to eat, your car is your office. Seriously, if you were a sales person waiting to close a multi million dollar deal would you ask if you could call the customer back later on that day? Let me tell you the answer, NO
  • Don’t push for more detail on the job before you answer any questions on your resume. This is not a give in take call where they ask a question and you ask one back.
  • Do give specific examples to questions regarding your performance and success. HOW? Write down or have printed out in your folder and next to your computer 3 strong quantitative success stories (but have them be more bullets than story like)
  • Don’t ramble or go on and on about your old employer, good or bad.
  • Do talk about lessons learned and opportunities achieved that are specific to you and your expertise.
  • Don’t be too formal or too personal; be yourself but don’t try to make friends. A balance can be tough so practice.
  • Do ask a great open ended question, “I did want to mention that not all of my skills and expertise are listed on my resume, it is accurate and detailed however it is hard to put my entire career on to one page; are their specific focus areas or experiences whether  in (name something you are proficient in whether it is working with C level managers or designing a specific type of window) or a specific technology or software  this job is looking for?”
  • Don’t take it personally if you are prepared and still not offered an interview, they know the company and culture as well as the demands of the job; trust that this is the best thing for you.
  • Do ask “what your background or career goals were missing for this particular opportunity, maybe you could refer a colleague.” This helps you and them out and gives you some needed closer and feedback.
This should help you be better prepared and set you up for an invitation for an interview.
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